Quinta da Magnolia

The Quinta

5-star Azores accommodation for a holiday of dreams

Majestic, sublime and rustic.

Rebuilt maintaining the Quinta’s ancient, striking features created by basalt stones laboriously chiselled by several generations, Quinta da Magnólia is located on the island of São Jorge, in the Parish of Urzelina.

Designed to provide a high-quality service that goes above and beyond, this charming unit offers ten suites, some overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, others a peaceful mountain view. The building itseld, it is distinguished by the grandeur basaltic structure.

Each room is named and connected to a Fajã, provides a unique experience, not only in their spacious areas and the remarkable stories contained within each one, but also thanks to the sublime attention to detail when choosing the elements and colours of the décor, ensuring comfort and tranquillity.

In the Quinta’s surroundings, in addition to relaxation moments by the outdoor pool, allow yourself to be carried away by the majestic view of the highest mountain in Portugal, Pico Island, the most striking feature is the close contact you can come into with nature, either on hikes through the property or as you listen to the harmonious music of the waves crashing on the property’s very edge.

At the end of the day, a stunning sunset helps you to get lost in the twilight as tranquillity settles over the Quinta and allow yourself to be dazzled by the flower this property was named after, and that represents our story so well: the Magnolia.